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A trip to the sun

I have plans to plan a short trip to the sun with a girlfriend. She has three boys and she is always very busy. We spoke to each other about our busy life and we decided that we earned a few days off to the sun without our children. But no comes the planning of it. And that is really difficult. First of all the issue about picking a date which is convenient for the both of us and for our husbands because they have to take of the children. We still have not a date yet. Then we have ...

My new sickness

I went to the doctors office today.. Not the best day of my life. I have been having awful period cramps and needed some help to make them less bad. The qynocologist was really nice but he smelled weird. My mom came with me, but wished she didn´t. He kept on asking me weird questions about my life and if i had had sex. It got really awkward cause he di´dnt believe me. But he gave me some birth control pills to help endure the pain but i have had some really bad side effects. Mood swings, aching boobs ...

Golf trip

Soon we are on our way to play golf in brittany france. I'm looking forward to this trip so much. Several reasons. Firstly, Both me and my husband work tremendously and spends a lot of time in different places. But golf is our common interest and out there on the green, we will remove the thoughts of everything else so it really feels like we have a special connection there. Secondly, I would like to practice me up before a golf tournament that we're having with customers after my vacation.